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This house is built into a hill side. It has three floors. You can walk out to ground level from all three floors. The first level is the garage and mechanical. The second level is a recreation room two bedrooms a laundry room and a bathroom. On the top level there is the kitchen, living room master suite and a powder room.

I designed this house and was building it to sell. We sold it to Jason at the dry wall stage. He and I had the same visions of this house having an industrial look. So it was fun to finish for him. I had an idea to make the kitchen cabinets with an industrial look; we welded up metal tube frames for the doors and drawers. The lower doors and drawers had maple inserts. The upper doors had wire glass inserts. The counter tops in the kitchen are black concrete. The back splash is aluminum tile with a glass tile in the center. The hood over the stove I made out of steel than I ground it and had it galvanized. We decided to put a fir floor in the kitchen and living room. We took 2x12 fir and made stair treads out of them. We made the riser for the stairs out of galvanized steel. Jason decided to use skid plate for the landings on the stairs. The powder room had a piece of culvert with a concrete counter top that had the edges broken off. The sink was a glass bowl that had a blue light under it to light up the sink. The facet was a curved tube with a glass circle on the top the water came out of the center of the circle and ran over the glass and into the sink. The master bath has a very unique sink as well. The down stairs bath features a stainless steel table with a bowl sink on it. Jason liked motorcycles so I made him a light fixture with a motorcycle on it. There is corrugated sheet metal used throughout the house. The master bath and entry have slate floors and slate on the walls in the oversized shower. The railings we custom made with steel tube and heavy wire mesh. We had this house in a scattered site home show. We got a lot of positive feedback from people at the show.


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