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This is a kitchen remodel we did on the south hill. When we first started this project I was not that excited about it, but when we were done it was such a dramatic change you could hardly believe it. It is truly amazing how the right cabinets and kitchen finishes can make a boring kitchen exciting. We removed the old sixties kitchen soffits and cabinets. We removed the popcorn from the ceiling and took up the old floor. We added new cabinets from Affordable Custom Cabinets. The pictures don't do them justice, they are beautiful quarter sawn oak with flush doors. We installed new countertops and back splashes. We also put a new wood floor in the kitchen. We changed out several doors in the house including the entry door and sidelights. Tracy from Wall Flowers did the design work.

Another interesting thing was when we were looking in the attic there was a section of the roof that was framed just like one I had looked at the year earlier that had collapsed from the weight of the snow. This roof was sagging but had not fallen so we added a beam in the garage to help support the weak valley.

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